Alfa Booty

Being in the Malaysian music industry since adolescence, Alfa Booty has been there, done that. Coming from a family full of respected virtuosos, being the guitarist of a rock band called ALFA in the 90s then finally settling down behind the scenes as he poured an abundance of effort to contribute to this industry with his immaculate music producing skills. He is also an aspiring music director and a freelance lecturer that gives wise and fruitful knowledge for the future generation of the musical spectrum and a co-founder of RUMIE MUSIC LAB alongside his brother.

With that being said, his achievements lead him to become one of the Board of Directors in Recording Performers Malaysia Berhad (RPM) and Koperasi Industri Music Malaysia Berhad (KOPSTAR). All in all, Alfa's unconventional wisdom and wit continues to inspire upcoming Malaysian musicians alike and highly believes that this field should not be overlooked.