MUHAMAD RAZIN CHE MUD is a nasyid singer and a member on nasyid group Mestica since 2002. They have produce 3 full albums Sendu Sendawa ( 2003), Layar Keinsafan ( 2004 ) and Tiga Satu Tiga ( 2007 ) then followed by numerous singles like Istikharah, Kasorrga, Wasiat Cinta and many more.

Publicly known as Razin Mestica, he is also a composer, lyricist and producer for various artists such as Aishah, Heliza Helmi, Fine, Itqan and Mestica itself. Razin also play an important role in Malaysian nasyid scene as he was appointed as the Chairman of Anugerah Nasyid Malaysia 2020 Organizing Committee which was supported by the Ministry of Communication and Multimedia Malaysia and Prime Minister’s Department ( Religious Affairs ).