Dato’ Sheila Majid

Malaysia’s undisputable “Queen of Jazz”, Dato’ Sheila Majid needs no introduction in the Asian music scene. Fondly known as Sheila Majid to all her fans, she first caught the attention of the Malaysian music enthusiasts with the launching of her first album “Dimensi Baru”, which eventually won her the Gold label status. With fame following suit, her subsequent album which was released a year later, “Emosi” took Sheila to higher fame and she went on to break the defensive Indonesian market and won the BASF Awards 1987 for the Best Female R&B Artist. This award is a first for a non-Indonesian artist. Sheila then toured the nation in the following year and captivated the entire nation with her powerful vocals and charm.

Pursuing her love for the industry, she performed in the Tokyo Music Festival 1989 and she quickly won the hearts of the Japanese. She made such an impression in Japan that she was invited back to their country for another performance. With these, began Sheila’s long list of accomplishments as an artist and she continued to inspire young Malaysians to strive forward in their contribution to the Malaysian music industry.